Matt W Moore

Born in 1980, Matt W. Moore is a Portland, Maine based painter, aerosol artist and graphic designer. He graduated from Maine College of Art in 2005 with a BFA in Graphic Design & New Media, but has also attended Boston University, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Rhode Island School of Design for other courses of study.

MWM Graphics is his design, fine art, and illustration studio where he does work across all these disciplines. While moving from the type design for a title, or packaging design for a product, painting a canvas, or spray painting an outdoor mural, Moore does not lose touch with his unique style. He consisting utilizes his vocabulary consisting of tight geometry and semiotics which he contrasts with whimsy and fantasy. 

“When I'm not collaborating with design or illustration clients, I am getting busy in my painting laboratory doing things the old school way. My fine art has evolved alongside my design work, and I've had the pleasure of exhibiting this work in galleries and museums all around the globe.” Recently, he has exhibited his canvases and done murals in Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, and Paris. MWM Graphics works with clients such as Coca-Cola, Burton, Citroen, Diesel, Microsoft, Nike.

Matt W Moore

Matt W Moore


“Designing custom typography has been a focus for my entire life.”

Originally, Moore was a letter-based graffiti artist, working to develop the representation of his moniker across Maine. Slowly, Moore began to evolve his alphabet into elaborately filled text, which gradually took over his style. Eventually, the artist began solely creating pieces in what he has categorized as “abstract funk,” and thus completely abandoning letterforms. Moore now creates these abstract forms for galleries as well as installations. Although I am most known for my abstract illustration style, rendering stylized and representational illustrations is always a welcomed challenge. It's all about the details.

Within his artwork, Moore has created his own style, which he has termed Vectorfunk. “In 2003 I began my journey into abstract vector graphics. Vectorfunk is my ‘signature style’ of illustration. A digital playground of geometry, pattern, and vibrant color.” The artist describes the form that his work takes as, “the name I gave to the abstract digital artwork that I create using Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics are created by arranging points to create form, as opposed to raster graphics that are made up of pixels. Many years ago while I was in school learning graphic design I immersed myself in this method of rendering images… I initially intended to only use the term for my digital graphic work but things have a life of their own and the term has been used a lot with regards to my handmade fine art endeavors as well.”

“I have been painting on walls for over half of my life. It's a magical experience to actualize an idea extra-large in the public space. Everything from my early years of graffiti and street-level art, to my more recent abstract murals.”



2012: Stay Tuned, Since, Paris; Spray Therapy, CMCA, Rockport, USA; Outside In, Drake, Toronto, Canada. 2011: Sun Ray Ricochet, Sretenka, Moscow, Russia; XYZ Axis, Yes, Cincinnati, Ohio; Round Trip, Flatcolor, Seattle, USA; Rudimentary Perfection, Recoat, Glasgow, Scotland. 2010: Geometry Grandiose, Fore River, Portland, Maine; Crystals & Lasers, Since, Paris, France; Rojo Nova, Museum Imagem E Do Som, Sao Paolo, Brazill; New York Times Wordplay,New York Times Gallery, New York, USA. 2009: Parallel Universe, Pop, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Coincidence World, Concrete Hermit, London, England. 2008: Future Funk, Threadless, Chicago, USA; Cycles and Spectrums, Revolve, Los Angeles, USA; Rojo Out Expo, Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain; 400ml Exhibition, Etablissment Culturel, Paris, France. 2007: Diamonds & Cream, Cream, Portland, USA. 2006: Graphic Endeavors, Red Dot, Portland, Maine; CXPO 5 Live Painter, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, USA. 2005: Style For Miles, Gray Area. Gray, USA; Man Overboard, Highland, Portland, USA; Trifecta, Sanctuary, Portland, USA; Fresh Produce 05, Gallery A.D., San Jose, California. 2000: Group Show,Exhibit A, Savannah, USA.


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