Christopher Derek Bruno

Born in Atlanta, Bruno is now a Seattle based artist with a desire to impact the world in a positive way, using his artwork and furniture design in environmentally sound and visually provocative manners for commercial and residential interiors. Bruno studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. After his education in industrial design, Bruno moved around the country from Savannah to Portland, then Brooklyn, and finally Seattle. 

He is currently stationed in a shop cultivating both his aesthetic and approach to the fabrication of sculpture-based imagery. With a strong desire to address the concept of visual perception, Bruno employs a high level of craft and attention to detail in his work, using simple shapes and compositions to place full focus on the perceptual questions at hand. Bruno has done design work for the retail environment, working with clients such as Nike and Adidas.

Christopher Derek Bruno

Christopher Derek Bruno


Bruno comes from a graffiti background and now is taking it to the galleries. His work is a fundamental exploration of the line between the object and the image of the object in the mind. The artist employs a combination of both two and three-dimensional work in efforts to illustrate the mental processes of perception. He uses basic shapes, colors and proportions to assist the viewer in a dimensional exploration of how one’s mind and eyes go about unpacking the world before them. Bruno describes himself as “A Maker. Seriously. Always. And if I’m not in the act of making, I’m probably discussing it.”

Bruno’s work has been shown in Brooklyn, Seattle, and Atlanta with upcoming shows at Portland's Compound Gallery with friends and fellow artists Drew Tyndell and Benjamin Niznik, as well as another group exhibition in London later in the year. His likes include rap music from 1992-1996, collaboration, colour, rules, sandwiches, Presto white-out pens, CNC machinery, freight trains, fine furnishings and conversations about the impossible.



2012: Space//Form, BreezeBlock Gallery, Portland; TMLB, Portland; Seeks Proof, Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle. 2011: Does Work, The Firm, Seattle; Living Walls, Atlanta, GA, USA; Artopia, Seattle; Letter/Form, Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle; 2010: Cut Paper, Flatcolor Gallery, Seattle.


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