Morten Andersen

Born in Denmark in 1976, Morten Andersen is a self-taught artist, who now works and resides in Berlin. He is a hyperactive man, always in search of something new. In the 90’s he got caught up in graffiti; A decade later, the Danish artist has moved from walls to canvas, although his tools remain the same: spray paint, markers, and acrylics. His work stands between contemporary urban art, graffiti, and abstract art. He has worked with such companies as Mini Cooper, Absolut Vodka, Citroén, and Carhartt. Andersen is listed by France’s "Graffiti Art Magazine" as one of the 100 contemporary urban artists to watch in 2012, and also has a six page spread in the magazine’s three-year anniversary issue.  

Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen


Andersen has a fascination with colours, forms and shapes, and their influence on human feelings. He mixes styles and colors in lively compositions filled with mystic energy.Letters have disappeared from his drawings, choosing to mix straight lines drawn with markers with rounded shapes made with spray paint. Impromptu drops of paint play with crisp geometric areas. The transparency of his misty shapes, juxtaposed with attenuated lines that race across the canvas seem to expand space endlessly. His paintings form a mix of chaos and clarity, which imbues the viewer with a feeling of harmony and a sense of the cosmos. 

The impression of movement on the canvas is also created by the selection of color gradation, as Andersen doesn’t hesitate to play with contrasts of purple, blue, brown or green, in order to bring his creations to life. These effects lead the viewer to discover his works in a more personal way.

Although Andersen's inspiration and style displays remnants from both Jorn and Kirkeby, with their intuitive shapes and explosions of colour, and Ib Geertsen and Per Arnoldi's contrastingly tight geometric modes of expression, he is entirely his own person. Morten Andersen paints and stretches his lines artistically within the neo form of abstraction known today as urban abstract contemporary. Through hard contrasts, his work is stretched, twisted, and bears a raw energy similar to that of graffiti and abstract expressionism. Andersen continues to stylistically pursue this point of origin in his visuals, building on a decade of aerosol calisthenics that paved his way into the fine arts. 



2012: Believe the Hype, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark; Urban Art EFX, Amsterdam; ArtYou, Basel, Switzerland; Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen; I.D Gallery, Abu Dhabi. 2011: Rudimentary Perfection, Glasgow; Where The Neon Roam, Tom Franke Galleri, Denmark; Crossroads, Art-On Gallery, Istanbul; 1, Underdog Gallery, London; Public Provocation 3, Carhartt Gallery, Weil Am Rhein, Germany; Elevated, Looking Down From A Distance, Galerie Itinerrance, Paris; Hell Hounds From The North, Pretty Portal Gallery, Düsseldorf. 2010: I See Colors Like You Hear Jet Planes, I.D Gallery, Berlin; Stroke 3, I.D Gallery, Berlin; MINI Countryman Open Air, Mudchute Park and Farm, London; Postland, Compound Gallery, Portland, USA; Stroke 2, I.D Gallery, Munich; Art Basel, Art Whino Gallery, Miami; We´ve Been Out There!, Gallery Jenzen, Aalborg, Denmark; Kunst – NU, Kunsthal NORD, Aalborg, Denmark. 2009: Intoxicated Demons, Gallery Jenzen, Aalborg, Denmark; Kunst im Tresor, Munich; Absolut Goes Art, Volkerkünde Museum, Munich; Die Post Ist Da!, I.D Gallery, Berlin; Royal Flush, Atticus Gallery, Barcelona.


Sources: Information and texts compiled by Alison Tara from an essay by Rasmus Ejaas Fischer (Denmark, 2011); information from the artist’s website (; and an article by Luc Bouffet called “Cosmic Graffiti,” Graffti Art Magazine’s #12, 3 year anniversary issue, 2011.